Brands continue to value the opportunity to showcase at Goodwood.
di Fayola Douglas & Ben Londesbrough (Campaignlive)
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 features activations from Honda, BMW, Mini and Samsung.

TRO is responsible for delivering Goodwood activations for BMW, Mini and Porsche.

"We’ve really engaged this year with ensuring that we bring performance to the heart of what we’re doing and to bring a live element to each of the brands we're working with," Amelia Shepherd, managing director at TRO, said. 

"This resonates not only as an attractor to bring people in to the experience but also allows everybody that isn’t at Goodwood to experience some of the fun through social media."

Future Lab, a multi-brand space at Goodwood, focuses on tech innovation and continues to offer tech brands a place to showcase their latest offering alongside smaller companies that are doing interesting things. 

The job of making the area easy to navigate and with a cohesive feel falls to Catapult, which has been working on delivering Future Lab for the past three years. 

Mick Cullinan, head of design and innovation at Catapult, said: "We very much treat this area as a science gallery or an exhibition, rather than a trade show or a brand space. And we’re lucky that the partners that work with us here get on board with that and are sympathetic with their brands to the overall look and feel of Future Lab. 

"The brands are very good in that they realise that if everyone falls under the same roof that visitors have a better experience overall."

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